MDM Cleaning Services

Our rates are contingent upon the job we are required to do.  Most of our cleanings can be done in 2 hours and are covered under our $99 for two hours cleaning special.  If a deep cleaning is required the cost will be slightly higher. 

Deep Cleaning 

 Deep Cleanings are more involved and will require more time than the average cleaning.  For example a 2,000 sq ft house should be less than $200 whereas a 4,000 sq ft house could be double that or less.  The cost is determined by the amount of work desired by the client.  Call now for an estimate from our deep cleaning specialist.

Move/in   Move/out  Cleanings

Move/ in - Move /out cleanings are our most intensive cleaning jobs and require us to restore your house to a new like condition, because of the extensive amount of labor involved these jobs require up to three employees and several hours to complete.  Call now to negotiate a fair rate for your move 443 466-6900 

MDM cleaning will work with our customers to acheive their desired results.  So give us a call and let us help you to come up with a reasonable cleaning solution.